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ASE 2010 is now over. See you in Lawrence, KS, USA, November 6–10 for ASE 2011!


Grote Markt Antwerpen The IEEE/ACM ASE conference series is one of the world's premier Software Engineering conferences. Each year, it brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss foundations, techniques and tools for automating the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of large software systems. ASE 2010 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series in the city of Antwerp.

ASE 2010 featured a rich selection of high-quality contributions. Out of 190 submissions, 33 contributions were presented as full papers, and 26 as short papers. In the Tool Demonstration track, 18 contributions were selected out of 43 submissions. The Doctoral Symposium proposed 6 contributions from junior researchers. The program also proposed no less than eight associated workshops and five tutorials. The proceedings were published in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series, exclusively in digital form, and distributed to attendees on memory sticks.

ASE 2010 counted 243 registered participants overall, with 168 attending the main conference. The conference was hosted in Universiteit Antwerpen's brand-new Meerminne facility. The 25th anniversary was honoured with a special keynote address, a re-edition of the seminal KBSA Report and a widely acclaimed special anniversary banquet.

Many thanks to all attendees, but also to the countless organizers, volunteers, providers, sponsors and partners, for their contribution to this very successful conference!

The Organisation Committee.

The organization of ASE 2010 was supported by the MoVES Project, a consortium of Belgian research teams in software engineering funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.

News in the spotlight

ASE 2010 awards 6 october 2010
A number of awards were presented during the conference banquet on September 23. The following papers received the Distinguished Paper Award:

- Towards Mining Replacement Queries for Hard-to-Retrieve Traces,
by Gibiec, Czauderna, Cleland-Huang
- A Program Differencing Algorithm for Verilog HDL,
by Duley, Spandikow, Kim
- Towards Automatically Generating Summary Comments for Java Methods,
by Sridhara, Hill, Muppaneni, Pollock, Vijay-Shanker

The following paper received the Most Influential Paper Award, selected from the 1994, 1995 and 1996 conferences:

- Extending Design Environments to Software Architecture Design
by Jason Robbins, David Hilbert, David Redmiles

Last but not least, the title of ASE Fellow was awarded to Robert Balzer.
Photos Online 27 september 2010
A first batch of photos is uploaded to the website and can be viewed in the Photo Section.
On-Line Registration Closing 3 september 2010
The on-line registration website will close on Sunday Sept. 12 at midnight.

For registration past that date, or for any question regarding registration, please contact Céline Dizier at A.I.M. (tel: +32 4 222 29 46 * fax: +32 4 222 23 88 * rue Saint-Gilles 31, B-4000 LIEGE, BELGIUM).

On-site registration will also be available at the conference venue.

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