Pubs in Antwerp

This section provides a selection of the finest pubs in Antwerp. Important to know: Antwerp is home to the De Koninck brewery and their beer (a 'bolleke') is found on draught in most pubs. Unlike the rest of Belgium, where pils is king, the standard beer here is a pale ale. Every visitor should try at least a bolleke or two!



  • Address: Vleminckveld 32
  • Description: It's a long thin pub, with an unspectacular, but cosy décor. On the way to the toilet you can see through a window into the temperature-controlled room where beers are ageing. The beer selection is unbelievable. New beers, old beers, forgotten beers from long-closed breweries, beers never offically sold…

't Pakhuis


  • Address: Vlaamse Kaai 76
  • Description: Pakhuis is a huge brewpub that stretches over two floors of an old warehouse. The cavernous interior has bare brick walls and a parquet floor. The spartan central bar has tiled sides and no barstools. The ground floor houses the stainless steel brewing vessels, which rest against one wall. It still retains all the intimacy of a warehouse and it's all very trendy and modern.

Pater's Vaetje


  • Address: Blauwmoezelstraat 1
  • Description: Pater's Vaetje is nice and easy to find, being right next to the cathedral. It's in a typical 17th century Antwerp house and there are plenty of signs of its age inside. The floor is flagged with red tiles and the beams are visible in the high ceiling. The bar counter is a lovely carved wooden affair, with some attractive leaded glass work. At the rear is a small raised gallery. Continuing the use of traditional materials, the tables are marble-topped. The pub has also an extended beer list. Overal, a pleasant and initimate café well worth a visit.



  • Address: Vlasmarkt 23
  • Description: Of the many pubs on Vlasmarkt, Stamineeke is the one true specialist beer café. It's a two-storey affair, in another 17th century house in the Antwerp style. All the decoration is beer-related: old bottles, posters and enamel signs. The beer list is very good (it included Westvleteren), the draught selection especially providing some welcome variation.

Kassa 4


  • Address: Ossenmarkt 21
  • Description: Kassa 4 is a well known pub in the student area, where a lot of Antwerp musicians hangout (like Tom Barman of the band “Deus”). The chilly atmosphere, the big terrace and the social character of the people are one of the reasons that “de Kassa” is a very popular bar.

't Vervolg


  • Address: Melkmarkt 9
  • Description: A typical student pub, something you will certainly notice when walking through the street. At some days the music boxes are at the highest volume, so the whole street can enjoy the dance music. In the evenings there are always things going in this bar. And of course the sociable atmosphere of the Melkmarkt lures people to ”'t Vervolg”.


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