Restaurants in Antwerp

This section provides a selection of places to eat, for those who enjoy good restaurants and like experiencing local cuisine. Antwerp has more than enough places to choose from!

De Foyer


  • Address: Komedieplaats 18
  • Price: Light meals 7.50€-15€; lunch buffet 18€
  • Description: This magnificent space is the foyer of the 19th-century Bourla Theater and is one of Antwerp's most popular addresses. With an ornately painted dome, potted palms, red velvet drapes, and marble columns, you would expect prices to be a lot higher than they are. The daily lunch buffet is a bargain considering that it includes an array of fish and vegetable salads, soup, several hot dishes, cheese, and pastries. At least try to stop in for tea or drinks if only to bask in the opulence.

Sir Anthony Van Dyck


  • Address: Oude Koornmarkt 16
  • Price: Main courses 17€-28€
  • Description: A location amid the delightful 16th-century Vlaeykensgang courtyard's jumble of cafes, restaurants, and antique apartments all but guarantees a pleasant atmosphere here. It is a notably relaxed brasserie-restaurant, in a sparely elegant setting that's flooded with light from the old-world courtyard through big, arched windows. A fine seafood dish is the waterzooi van staartvis (waterzooi with poached monkfish), a traditional Flemish stew that's more commonly made with chicken nowadays but that started out with fish.

Chez Fred


  • Address: Kloosterstraat 83
  • Price: Lunch 15€-20€; dinner 20€-30€
  • Description: Simple pine tables and stools outside offer a rustic counterpoint to the 300-euro sunglasses and trim Ann Demeulemeester tank tops worn by the style-conscious crews sitting at them. The menu swings in the same range — from hearty stoofvlees (savory beef stew) to tuna steak served rare with mint pesto.

De Manie


  • Address: Hendrik Conscienceplein 3
  • Price: Main courses 24€-32€; fixed-price menus 24€-46€
  • Description: This bright, modern restaurant comes up with such originals as an appetizer of quail salad with goat cheese and artichoke, and baked goose liver with bilberries and honey, as well as innovative main dishes. Filet of hare with cranberries, chicory, and juniper sauce, and grilled wood pigeon with gratinéed Brussels sprouts, are both typical of menu specialties, which change every 6 months. The food is excellent, and the setting is very relaxing.

't Fornuis


  • Address: Reyndersstraat 24
  • Price: Main courses 22€-52€
  • Description: Behind the heavy doors of a 16th-century stone house, this Michelin one-star restaurant offers the finest dining in town in an intimate room furnished in oak. Chef Johan Segers comes to your table to explain each succulent dish. Although you could hardly go wrong, the sole with rhubarb is particularly outstanding. Guests are also invited to visit the superb wine cellar, which contains 4,000 bottles of wine.


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