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Session P1: Poster Session
wednesday 22 September 2010
(Guidelines for presenters)

Seamlessly Integrated, but Loosely Coupled - Building UIs from Heterogeneous Components
by Heiko Paulheim

Tool Support for Quality-Driven Development of Software Architectures
by Suntae Kim, Dae-Kyoo Kim, Sooyong Park

MiTV: Multiple-Implementation Testing of User-Input Validators for Web Applications
by Kunal Taneja, Nuo Li, Madhuri Marri, Tao Xie, Nikolai Tillmann

Model Comparison with GenericDiff
by Zhenchang Xing

Reducing Combinatorics in Testing Product Lines
by Chang Hwan Peter Kim, Don Batory, Sarfraz Khurshid

A Visual Interactive Debugger Based on Symbolic Execution
by Reiner Hähnle, Marcus Baum, Richard Bubel, Marcel Rothe

Model-Driven Reverse Engineering of Legacy Graphical User Interfaces
by Oscar Sánchez Ramón, Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado, Jesús García Molina

A Two-Step Technique for Extract Class Refactoring
by Gabriele Bavota, Andrea De Lucia, Andrian Marcus, Rocco Oliveto

Detecting User-Visible Failures in AJAX Web Applications by Analyzing Users' Interaction Behaviors
by Wanchun Li, Mary Jean Harrold, Carsten Görg

Architectural Style as an Independent Variable
by Hamid Bagheri, Yuanyuan Song, Kevin Sullivan

Text Mining in Supporting Software Systems Risk Assurance
by LiGuo Huang, Daniel Port, Liang Wang, Tao Xie, Tim Menzies
Session P2: Poster Session
thursday 23 September 2010
(Guidelines for presenters)

Assisting End-User Programming for the Service-Oriented Web
by Xuanzhe Liu, Gang Huang, Qi Zhao, Zhi Jin, Hong Mei

MODA: Automated Test Generation for Database Applications via Mock Objects
by Kunal Taneja, Yi Zhang, Tao Xie

Random Unit-Test Generation with MUT-aware Sequence Recommendation
by Wujie Zheng, Qirun Zhang, Michael Lyu, Tao Xie

End-User Oriented Critic Specification for Domain-Specific Visual Language Tools
by Norhayati Mohd. Ali, John Hosking, John Grundy, Jun Huh

Checking Roundoff Errors using Counterexample-Guided Narrowing
by Ngoc Thi Bich Do, Mizuhito Ogawa

Realizing Architecture Frameworks through Megamodelling techniques
by Rich Hilliard, Ivano Malavolta, Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione

Recovering Inter-Project Dependencies in Software Ecosystems
by Mircea Lungu, Romain Robbes, Michele Lanza

Automated Program Repair through the Evolution of Assembly Code
by Eric Schulte, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer

Integrating Model Verification and Self-Adaptation
by Rafael V. Borges, Artur d'Avila Garcez, Luis C. Lamb

When to Use Data from Other Projects for Effort Estimation
by Ekrem Kocaguneli, Gregory Gay, Tim Menzies, Ye Yang, Jacky Keung

KADRE: Domain-Specific Architectural Recovery For Scientific Software Systems
by David Woollard, Chris A. Mattmann, Daniel Popescu, Nenad Medvidovic

Automated SQL Query Generation for Systematic Testing of Database Engines
by Shadi Abdul Khalek, Sarfraz Khurshid

Tag and Prune: A Pragmatic Approach to Software Product Line Implementation
by Quentin Boucher, Andreas Classen, Patrick Heymans, Arnaud Bourdoux, Laurent Demonceau

Reducing Estimation Uncertainty with Continuous Assessment: Tracking the “Cone of Uncertainty”
by Pongtip Aroonvatanaporn, Chatchai Sinthop, Barry Boehm

Feature Location Using Transitive Changesets to Join Semantic and Syntactic Knowledge
by Sukanya Ratanotayanon, Hye Jung Choi, Susan Elliott Sim


Anthony Cleve Anthony Cleve
Lille (France)

Bernd Fischer Bernd Fischer
School of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
Southampton (United Kingdom)

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