Poster Format and Sizes 25 august 2010
On Wednesday 22 September and Thursday 23 September in the afternoon the program features two poster sessions, two tool presentation sessions and two tool demonstration sessions. What is this about ?

The poster session allows authors of short papers to discuss their paper with peers in an informal setting, somewhat like an exhibit hall.

The tool presentation session allows authors of tool demonstration papers to give a 12-minute formal presentation of their tool.

The tool demonstration session allows authors of tool demonstration papers to give an in-depth demonstration of their tool, ideally by allowing attendees to interact with the tool in an unscripted way.

Therefore, authors of a poster should prepare an inviting display that captures the topic and ideas in easily understood printed text and graphics. Similarly, authors of a tool demo are encouraged to prepare a poster to show the main features they wish to discuss during the tool demonstration session.

The poster themselves will be hang on a poster easel. The maximum size of the working space is (b x h) 118,5 x 146 cm and the poster easels will look as shown here:

Poster Easel

Presenters of the posters and tool demos will have time to set-up the poster during wednesday or thursday's lunch break. The posters themselves must be attached with needles (tape is strictly forbidden) — the conference organization will supply those. The posters must be removed immediately after the session finishes so that we can prepare them for the next session.

The posters themselves will be set-up in the main hall of the conference venue, shown here:

Poster Hall
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