21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Automated Software Engineering

Welcome to ASE 2006 at Tokyo!
Tokyo, JAPAN, September 18-22, 2006

ASE 2006 is over! Thank you for your attendance at the conference and visit to Tokyo.

October 13, 2006 NEW Photos are open.
October 6, 2006   Awards are announced.
September 14, 2006   The scedule of the Workshop 4 (JWRET) is changed to 11:00-17:30.
September 12, 2006   Local Information (PDF file) is added.
September 11, 2006   Access to the conference hotels is added.
September 11, 2006   Information about on-site registration is open.
September 11, 2006   Registration Desk Schedule is open.
September 8, 2006   IMPORTANT!! Notification for conference attendees is added at the bottom of this page.
September 4, 2006   A PDF version of the program is available.
September 4, 2006   Final Program is fixed.
August 23, 2006   Social Events is open.
August 22, 2006   We have much pleasure in introducing our Sponsors.
August 2, 2006   Mini-Tutorials is open.
July 26, 2006   Demonstrations is open.
July 17, 2006   Preliminary Program is rearranged.
July 5, 2006   Conference and Hotel Registration is open.
June 29, 2006   Preliminary Conference and Hotel Registration Information is open (not yet for online registration).
June 23, 2006   Preliminary Program of Doctoral Symposium is open.
June 22, 2006   Tutorials page is open.
June 21, 2006   Preliminary Technical Program is open.
June 12, 2006   Information of Collocated Japanese Workshops is added.
June 2, 2006   Information of Dr. Sriram K. Rajamani's talk is added to Keynotes.
May 25, 2006   The registration chair is changed to Dr. Hironobu Kuruma.
May 11, 2006   Information of Prof. Kokichi Futatsugi's talk is added to Keynotes.
May 11, 2006   The notification of acceptance of the doctoral symposium is advanced to June 2.
April 28, 2006   The deadline for doctoral symposium submissions is extended to May 15.
March 14, 2006   Doctoral Symposium Submissions is changed.
March 6, 2006   Collocated Workshops have been decided.
February 14, 2006   Technical Paper Submissions is open.
February 10, 2006   Information of Prof. Sebastian Thrun's talk is added to Keynotes.
February 6, 2006   Information about conference paper submission format is added to Call for Papers.
January 20, 2006   Link to ASE 2005 is now included in Previous Conferences.
January 20, 2006   Pictures of the conference site is added to Conference Location.
December 28, 2005
Conference Location including tourist information and Important Dates is open.
December 28, 2005
Web site design is renewed.
December 22, 2005   Program Committee is open and Call for Papers (PDF version) is updated.
December 20, 2005   Tourist Information of Tokyo is open.
December 14, 2005   Call for Tool Demonstrations is open.
December 13, 2005   Call for Tutorials is open.
December 7, 2005   Call for Doctoral Symposium is open.
December 1, 2005   Call for Workshop Proposals is open.
October 26, 2005   Preliminary Call for Papers is open.
September 30, 2005   Conference Committee is open.
September 22, 2005   open.

Notification for conference attendees

Dear Conference attendees,

When you enter the conference venue, the National center of sciences, you are requested to show your ID. Please bring your confirmation letter (or some other ID, e.g., your passport) to the venue. This is for security reason and sorry for any inconvenience it might cause.

The General Chair of ASE 2006