21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Automated Software Engineering

Call for Tool Demonstrations

Software Engineering is concerned with the analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of large software systems. Automated software engineering is concerned with how to apply computation to automate or partially automate these tasks to achieve significant improvements in quality and productivity. The IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners to share ideas on the foundations, techniques, tools and applications of automated software engineering technology.


Tools are central to automated software engineering. Hence, tool demonstrations will have a prominent role in the conference. Demonstrators will be expected to present their tools during one or more sessions that will be scheduled into the conference program. In addition, a 2-page paper will be published in the conference proceedings for each accepted tool demonstration.

We solicit proposals for tool demonstrations related to automated software engineering. Tools can range from alpha-versions to fully developed products that are being prepared for commercialization. Products that are currently being commercialized will not be accepted as subjects of demonstrations. Tool demonstrations are not intended to be sales pitches, and should consequently highlight technical contributions. For further clarification, please contact the tool demonstrations chair.

Priority will be given to tools based on sound, rigorous research results to support the automation of key software development tasks such as requirements eliciting, analysis and verification.

Review Process

The Tool Demonstrations Committee will review each submission using the standard ASE criteria: originality and importance of contribution, soundness of rationale or demonstration, quality of written and graphic presentation, and appropriate consideration of relevant literature.


Demonstrators are expected to provide their own equipment.

How to submit

Submissions of proposals for tool demonstrations must:

  • have a maximum of 2 pages that describe the technology or approach, what is the research that has gone into the tool, how it relates to other industrial or research efforts, including references, and what are the expected benefits.
  • have an appendix (not included in the 2 page count) that provides a detailed description of how the presentation would be conducted (possibly illustrated with a number of snapshots), information on tool availability and maturity, and the URL of a web-page for the tool (if one exists).
  • be sent to by email to Nicolas Kicillof (nicok(at)dc.uba.ar) and Katsuhiko Gondow (gondow(at)cs.titech.ac.jp) by the Demos submission deadline. Please begin the subject line with "ASE 2006 Demo".
  • adhere to the conference proceedings format (see http://www.computer.org/portal/pages/ieeecs/publications/cps/cps_forms.html
    for the guidelines and ftp://pubftp.computer.org/Press/Outgoing/proceedings/
    for the formatting files).

Accepted Demonstrations

Accepted demonstrations will be allocated 2 pages in the conference proceedings (the proposal appendix will not be included in the proceedings). In addition, demonstrators are expected to demonstrate their tool at scheduled times during the conference.

Important Dates

Submission deadline:
May 10, 2006.
Author notification:
June 2, 2006.
Camera-ready papers:
June 30, 2006.

Tool Demo Chairs

Nicolas Kicillof
Computer Science Department
University of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Katsuhiko Gondow
Department of Computer Science
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo, JAPAN

Further Information

Please visit http://www.ase-conference.org/CallForDemonstrations.html or contact the demo chairs.