21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Automated Software Engineering

Call for Papers

Electronic Abstracts Due: 24 February 2006
Paper Submission Deadline: 3 March 2006
Paper Notification Date: 20 May 2006
Camera-Ready Paper Due: 30 June, 2006


Software engineering is concerned with the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of large software systems. Automated software engineering is concerned with how to automate or partially automate these tasks to achieve significant improvements in quality and productivity. The International Conference on Automated Software Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners to share ideas on the foundations, techniques, tools, and applications of automated software engineering technology.
ASE 2006 encourages contributions describing basic research, novel applications and experience reports. In all cases, papers should carefully articulate the relevance of their contributions to the automation of software engineering tasks. The ASE on-line Bibliography serves as a reference for potential contributors: http://ase.informatik.uni-essen.de/olbib/index.html ASE 2006 encourages contributions describing basic research, novel applications and experience reports on topics including, but not limited to:

Automated reasoning techniques Product line architectures
Component-based systems Program understanding
Computer-supported cooperative work Re-engineering
Configuration management Reflection and Metadata approaches
Domain modeling and meta-modeling Requirements engineering
Human computer interaction Specification languages
Knowledge acquisition & modeling Software architecture
Knowledge management for SE Software design and synthesis
Maintenance and evolution Software visualization
Modeling language semantics Testing
Ontologies and methodologies Tutoring, help, documentation systems
Open systems development Verification and validation

Technical papers should describe innovative research in automating software-development activities or providing automated support to users engaged in such activities. They should describe a novel contribution to the field and should carefully support claims of novelty with citations to the relevant literature. These papers should also clearly discuss how the results were validated.
Experience papers should describe a significant experience in applying automated software engineering technology and should carefully identify and discuss important lessons learned so that other researchers and/or practitioners can benefit from the experience. We are especially interested in experience papers that report on industrial applications of automated software engineering.


IEEE Computer Society Press will publish accepted papers in the conference proceedings. In addition, authors of a selection of papers from the conference will be invited to revise and re-submit extended versions of their papers for consideration for a special issue of the Journal of Automated Software Engineering (Kluwer).


Papers submitted to ASE'06 must not have been previously published, and must not be under review for publication elsewhere. Papers must STRICTLY adhere to submission guidelines. Papers exceeding the page limit or using condensed formatting will be administratively rejected and will not be reviewed. Papers must not exceed 10 pages in the conference format (see http://www.computer.org/portal/pages/ieeecs/publications/cps/cps_forms.html for the guidelines and ftp://pubftp.computer.org/Press/Outgoing/proceedings/ for the formatting files). Papers exceeding the length restriction will not be reviewed. All papers that conform to submission guidelines will be submitted to a rigorous peer review process.

Conference Organisers:

General Chair Program Co-Chair Program Co-Chair
Shinichi Honiden
Intelligent Systems Research Division National Institute of Informatics
Tokyo, Japan
Sebastian Uchitel
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
London, UK
Steve Easterbrook
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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