21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Automated Software Engineering

Doctoral Symposium

Date: Monday, September 18, 9:00-18:00
Room: Conference Room
103 (1F)

The symposium is closed to the public. The attendees are limited to students invited and members of the symposium committee.

Students and their Papers

Michal Antkiewicz
Round-Trip Engineering of Framework-Based Software using Framework-Specific Modeling Languages

Deepak Dhungana
Integrated Variability Modeling of Features and Architecture in Software Product Line Engineering

Chris Mattmann
Software Connectors for Highly Distributed and Voluminous Data Intensive Systems

Chiyoung Seo
Energy-Awareness in Distributed Java-Based Software Systems

Mehrdad Sabetzadeh
Management of Incomplete and Inconsistent Views

Ajitha Rajan
Coverage Metrics to Measure Adequacy of Black-Box Test Suites

Committee Members

Perry Alexander
Krzysztof Czarnecki
Alexander Egyed
Martin Feather
Bernd Fischer
Michael Goedicke
Paul Gruenbacher
John Grundy
Mats Heimdahl
Scott Henninger
Jonathan Maletic
Nenad Medvidovic
Atif Memon
Kurt Stirewalt
Gabriele Taentzer
Willem Visser
David Wile
Tao Xie
Andrea Zisman