21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Automated Software Engineering


Automated software engineering is concerned with how to apply computation to automate or partially automate software engineering tasks in order to achieve significant improvements in quality and productivity. Tools are therefore at the center of automated software engineering. The ASE'06 conference acknowledges this fact by providing in its tool demonstration session a forum to show and discuss new tool developments that highlight scientific contributions to the field of Automated Software Engineering.
This year we have 9 tool demonstrations. Each demonstration will be given both in conference-paper style and in poster style. In conference-paper style, each demonstration is presented sequentially, in 18 minutes (= 15 minutes for talk and 3 minutes for discussions), in the same style as conference papers, using a video projector and a microphone, offering an overview of the tool to conference attendees.
On the other hand, in poster style, demonstrations are presented concurrently, in individual booths; so conference attendees will be able to approach authors, ask specific questions, request for longer custom-taylored demonstration and perhaps play with the tools themselves.

The schedule for demonstrations is as follows:
(See also http://www.ase-conference.jp/Papers.html.)

Conference-paper style demonstrations (1): (4 demos)
Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 11:00-12:30
Room: Conference Room 3 & 4 (2F)

LSS: A Tool for Large Scale Scenarios

R. J. Hall

TOPCASED Combining Formal Methods with Model-Driven Engineering

N. Pontisso, D. Chemouil

UML-bafsed Service Discovery Tool

G. Spanoudakis, A. Zisman

Model-driven Monitoring: Generating Assertions from Visual Contracts

M. Lohmann, G. Engels

Conference-paper style demonstrations (2): (5 demos)
Date: Friday, September 22nd, 9:00-10:30
Room: Conference Room 1 & 2 (2F)

A new web browser including a transferable function to Ajax codes

N. Hanakawa, N. Ikemiya

Automated Verification Tool for DHTML

T. Tateishi, H. Miyashita, K. Ono, S. Saito

Mock-object generation with behavior

N. Tillmann, W. Schulte

Tobias-Z: An executable formal specification of a test generator

Y. Ledru, L. du Bousquet

The Rearranger - A New Assembler Utility

W. D. Maurer

Poster style demonstrations: (the above 9 demos)
Date: Thursday, September 21st, 15:30-17:30
Room: Conference Room 3 & 4 (2F)