21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Automated Software Engineering

Advance Program – Technical Papers (Preliminary)

Wednesday, September 20th
9:00 Keynote
Verifying Specifications with Proof Scores in CafeOBJ
Kokichi Futatsugi - Graduate School of Information Science, JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan
10:30 Refreshment break

Technical Papers: Modeling and Synthesis
Automated Component Interconnection for Scaling Scale-Resistant Services
Philip Gross, Gail Kaiser

Generating Domain-Specific Visual Language Editors from High-level Tool Specifications
John Grundy, John Hosking, Nianping Zhu, Na Liu

(Short paper) From Capability Specifications to Code for Multi-Agent Software
Loris Penserini, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi, John Mylopoulos

(Short paper) An Instant Message-Driven User Interface Framework for Thin Client Applications
Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn, Gerald Mücke

(Short paper) Using Communicative Acts in Interaction Design Specifications for Automated Synthesis of User Interfaces
Juergen Falb, Roman Popp, Thomas Roeck, Helmut Jelinek, Edin Arnautovic, Hermann Kaindl

(Short paper) Annotation Inference for the Safety Certification of Automatically Generated Code
Ewen Denney, Bernd Fischer

Tool Demos
LSS: A Tool for Large Scale Scenarios
R. J. Hall

TOPCASED Combining Formal Methods with Model-Driven Engineering
N. Pontisso, D. Chemouil

UML-bafsed Service Discovery Tool
G. Spanoudakis, A. Zisman

Model-driven Monitoring: Generating Assertions from Visual Contracts
M. Lohmann, G. Engels

12:30 Lunch

Technical Papers: Architecture
An Automated Formal Approach to Managing Dynamic Reconfiguration
Ian Warren, Jing Sun, Sanjev Krishnamohan, Thiranjith Weerasinghe

Differencing and Merging of Architectural Views
Marwan Abi-Antoun, Jonathan Aldrich, Nagi Nahas, Bradley Schmerl, David Garlan

(Short paper) A Unified Model for Product Data Management and Software Configuration Management
Tien Nguyen, John Boyland

(Short paper) Human-Friendly Line Routing for Hierarchical Diagrams
Tobias Reinhard, Christian Seybold, Silvio Meier, Martin Glinz, Nancy Merlo-Schett

(Short paper) Contradiction Finding and Minimal Recover for UML class diagrams
Ken Satoh, Ken Kaneiwa, Takeaki Uno

(Short paper) Programming Language Inherent Support for Constrained XML Schema Definition Data Types and OWL DL
Alexander Paar, Walter Tichy

Minitutorial: Domain-specific Model Checking Using The Bogor Framework

15:30 Refreshment break



Technical Papers: Testing
An Empirical Comparison of Automated Generation and Classification Techniques for Object-Oriented Unit Testing
Marcelo d'Amorim, Carlos Pacheco, Tao Xie, Darko Marinov, Michael Ernst

SQL Command-Form Coverage for Testing Database Applications
William G.J. Halfond, Alessandro Orso

(Short paper) Automated test generation guided by functional coverage constraints at specification level
Odile Laurent, Christel Seguin, Virginie Wiels

(Short paper) An Automated Approach for Goal-driven, Specification-based Testing
Kristina Winbladh, Thomas Alspaugh, Hadar Ziv, Debra Richardson

(Short paper) Effective Generation of Interface Robustness Properties for Static Analysis
Mithun Acharya, Tanu Sharma, Jun Xu, Tao Xie

Technical Papers: Impact Analysis
Automatic Identification of Bug Introducing Changes
Sunghun Kim, Thomas Zimmermann, Kai Pan, E. James Whitehead, Jr.

Modular Analysis of Formal Design Models
Yuanfang Cai, Kevin Sullivan

(Short paper) Automatic Generation of Detection Algorithms for Design Defects
Naouel Moha, Yann-Gael Gueheneuc, Pierre Leduc

(Short paper) Automated Reasoning on Aspects Interactions
Paolo Falcarin, Marco Torchiano

(Short paper) Detecting Precedence-Related Advice Interference
Maximilian Stoerzer, Robin Sterr, Florian Forster

Thursday, September 21st
9:00 Keynote
Winning the DARPA Grand Challenge
Sebastian Thrun - Computer Science Department, Stanford University
10:30 Refreshment break

Technical Papers: Analysis I
A Portable Compiler-Integrated Approach to Permanent Checking
Nic Volanschi

Integrating and Scheduling an Open Set of Static Analyses
Michael Eichberg, Mira Mezini, Sven Kloppenburg, Klaus Ostermann, Benjamin Rank

Reverse Engineering of Design Patterns from Java Source Code
Nija Shi, Ronald Olsson

Technical Papers: Traceability
ArchTrace: Policy-Based Support for Managing Evolving Architecture-to-Implementation Traceability Links
Leonardo Murta, Andre Van Der Hoek, Claudia Werner

Automating Software Traceability in Very Small Companies: A Case Study and Lessons Learned
Christian Neumueller, Paul Gruenbacher

(Short paper) Automatic Round-trip Software Engineering in Aspect Weaving Systems
Mikhail Chalabine, Christoph Kessler, Peter Bunus

(Short paper) Towards Automatic Assertion Refinement for Separation Logic
Andrew Ireland

(Short paper) Software Library Usage Pattern Extraction Using a Software Model Checker
Chang Liu, En Ye, Debra Richardson

12:30 Lunch

Technical Papers: Analysis II
Bogor/Kiasan: A k-bounded Symbolic Execution for Checking Strong Heap Properties of Open Systems
Xianghua Deng, Jooyong Lee, Fnu Robby

Security Analysis of Crypto-based Java Programs using Automated Theorem Provers
Jan Jürjens

Accurate Centralization for Applying Model Checking on Networked Applications
Cyrille Artho, Pierre-Loïc Garoche

Minitutorial: Testing Tools and Techniques: A Mini-Tutorial on Evaluation Methods for ASE
Janice Singer



Poster & Tool Demo Session and Refreshments
Friday, September 22nd

Tool Demos
A new web browser including a transferable function to Ajax codes
N. Hanakawa, N. Ikemiya

Automated Verification Tool for DHTML
T. Tateishi, H. Miyashita, K. Ono, S. Saito

Mock-object generation with behavior
N. Tillmann, W. Schulte

Tobias-Z: An executable formal specification of a test generator
Y. Ledru, L. du Bousquet

The Rearranger - A New Assembler Utility
W. D. Maurer

Technical Papers: Management
Using Decision Trees to Predict the Certification Result of a Build
Ahmed Hassan, Ken Zhang

Managing the Complexity of Large Free and Open Source Package-Based Software Distributions
Fabio Mancinelli, Roberto Di Cosmo, Jerome Vouillon, Jaap Boender, Berke Durak, Xavier Leroy, Ralf Treinen

Concurrent Engineering Support in Software Engineering
Jacky Estublier, Sergio Garcia

10:30 Refreshment break

Panel: ASE Retrospective (Title TBC)

Technical Papers: Mining Software Repositories
Mining Aspects from Version History
Silvia Breu, Thomas Zimmermann

Refactoring Reconstruction from Version Archives
Peter Weißgerber, Stephan Diehl

Sieve: Automatically Detecting Variations Across Program Versions
Murali Krishna Ramanathan, Ananth Grama, Suresh Jagannathan

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Keynote
Automatic property checking for software: past, present and future
Sriram Rajamani - Microsoft Research India



Closing Ceremony