Doctoral Symposium

Monday, November 7th
Room: Sienna

The symposium is closed to the public. The attendees are limited to students invited and members of the symposium committee.

Invited Talk

Steve Easterbrook, University of Toronto, Canada
How Theses Get Written: Some Cool Tips


Gudmund Grov, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Verifying the Correctness of Hume Programs: An Approach Combining Deductive and Algorithmic Reasoning

Shiva Nejati, University of Toronto, Canada
Formal Support for Merging and Negotiation

Yuehua Lin, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
A Comprehensive Model Transformation Approach to Automatic Model Construction and Evolution

Renee C. Bryce, Arizona State University, USA
A Framework of Greedy Methods for Constructing Interaction Test Suites

Hui Wu, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Grammar-Driven Generation of Domain-Specific Language Testing Tools

Jiang Zheng, North Carolina State University, USA
In Regression Testing Selection When Source Code is Not Available

Committee Members

Perry Alexander University of Kansas, USA
Elisabetta Di Nitto Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Steve Easterbrook University of Toronto, Canada
Mats Heimdahl University of Minnesota, USA
John Penix NASA Ames, USA
Sebastian Uchitel Imperial College London, UK
Michal Young University of Oregon, USA