Wednesday, November 9th, 16:00-17:30
Room: Foyer

Bamboo: An Architecture Modeling and Code Generation Framework for Configuration Management Systems

Guozheng Ge, E. James Whitehead, Jr.
University of California, Santa Cruz

Using Communicative Acts in High-Level Specifications of User Interfaces for Their Automated Synthesis

Jurgen Falb, Roman Popp
Vienna University of Technology

Thomas Rock, Helmut Jelinek
Siemens Austria PSE

Edin Arnautovic, Hermann Kaindl
Vienna University of Technology

A Tool for Automatic UML Model Consistency Checking

Jocelyn Simmonds, M. Cecilia Bastarrica
Universidad de Chile

Automated Population of Causal Models for Improved Software Risk Assessment

Peter Hearty, Martin Neil, Norman Fenton
University of London

Patrick Cates
Agena Limited