Scalable Analysis of Variable Software

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This website provides supplementary material for the paper "Scalable Analysis of Variable Software". The paper describes our experiences on development and evaluation of variability-aware product line analyses on large-scale product lines. We developed typechecking and liveness analyses building on the variability-aware parsing framework TypeChef. To evaluate performance and scalability of the analyses, we applied them to three industry-scale case studies, namely the Busybox toolsuite (, the Linux kernel (, and the cryptographic library OpenSSL ( On this supplementary webpage we provide the raw results of the experiments and instructions on how to download the tool implementations.


The experiments in the paper were conducted with the TypeChef tool (TypeChef website). The specific version we used for the experiments is available here.

We provide the case studies on this page (Busybox, Linux, OpenSSL). Beware, the Linux archive has 361 MB. It contains the source code of the entire kernel. If you are interested in the raw results of our experiments, they are also provided here (Busybox, Linux, OpenSSL).


The paper "Scalable Analysis of Variable Software" has been written by Jörg Liebig, Alexander von Rhein, Christian Kästner, Sven Apel, Jens Dörre and Christian Lengauer. For questions regarding the paper, please contact the main authors Jörg Liebig and Alexander von Rhein.