Automated Software Engineering 2003
18th IEEE International Conference

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The IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners to share ideas on the foundations, techniques, tools, and applications of automated software engineering technology. Both automatic systems and systems that support and cooperate with people are within the scope of the conference, as are models of software and software engineering activities. Papers on applications of Artificial Intelligence techniques to automating software engineering, empirical evaluation of automated software engineering techniques and tools, and automation applied to new directions in software engineering methods and technologies are all welcome.

It is clear that software technology will play an increasingly important role in society's future. However, the bursting of the Internet bubble has shown that this future will not be built upon buzz words and promises. As future investments in software technology will likely be more conservative, the economic incentives for automating aspects of the software engineering lifecycle increase. However, as a community, we face many research challenges in scaling up and extending ASE technology to support open, component-based systems while providing the flexible balance of discipline and agility required in today's development processes.