KBSE-96 Program

General Chair: Doug White, Rome Lab
Program Chair: Chris Welty, Vassar College

Wednesday, September 25

Wednesday is reserved for tutorials. The following tutorials are currently planned, more information will be provided as it is available.

Thursday, September 26

8:30 Opening Remarks
Chris Welty, Vassar College

9:00 Keynote Talk: A 15 Year Perspective on Reuse and Generation
Ted Biggerstaff, Microsoft Research

10:00 Break

10:30 Paper Session: Synthesis I
Session Chair: Martin Feather, JPL

Deductive Synthesis of Numerical Simulation Programs from Networks of Algebraic and Ordinary Differential Equations
Thomas Ellman and Takahiro Murata
(longest title award winner)

Synthesis of Schedulers for Planned Shutdowns of Power Plants
Carla P. Gomes, Douglas R. Smith and Stephen J. Westfold

Synthesis of Local Search Algorithms by Algebraic Means
Robert P. Graham, Jr., and Paul D. Bailor

12:00 Lunch

1:30 Panel: How the Web influences KBSE Technology
Panel Chair: David Redmiles, University of California at Irvine

Panelists: Lewis Johnson, Chris Welty, Alex Quilici, Frank Shipman

3:00 Break

3:30 Paper Session: Verification and Validation
Session Chair: Lewis Johnson, ISI

Constructing Transition Models of AI Planner Behavior
Adele E. Howe and Larry D. Pyeatt

Trusting Your Assistant
Robert J. Hall

Complementing semi-formal specifications with Z
Yves Ledru

7:00 Banquet Dinner

Friday, September 27

8:30 Invited Talk: The Truth about KIDS
Doug Smith, The Kestrel Institute

10:00 Break

10:30 Paper Session: Knowledge-Based Environments
Session Chair: Alex Quilici, University of Hawaii

Extending Design Environments to Software Architecture Design
Jason E. Robbins, David M. Hilbert, and David F. Redmiles
(best paper award winner)

Addressing Complexity, Coordination, and Automation in Software Development with the KBSA/ADM
Kevin Benner

Integrating Software Process Models and Design Rationales
Barbara Dellen, Kirstin Kohler, and Frank Maurer

12:00 Lunch

1:30 Panel: Corporate and Organizational Memory
Panel Chair: Loren Terveen, AT&T Research

Panelists: Scott Henninger, Bala Ramesh, Peter Selfridge, Lewis Johnson

3:00 Break

3:30 Paper Session: Reverse Engineering
Session Chair: Prem Devanbu, AT&T Research

Applying Plan Recognition Algorithms to Program Understanding
Alex Quilici, Qiang Yang, and Steve Woods

Knowledge-Based Re-engineering of Legacy Programs for Robustness in Automated Design
J. Keane and T. Ellman

Using Knowledge-Based Transformations to Reverse-Engineer COBOL Programs
Terence J. Harmer, Patrick J. McParland and James M. Boyle.

5:00 Reception and Demos

Saturday, September 28

9:00 Paper Session: Synthesis
Session Chair: Michael Lowry, NASA Ames

A Knowledge-Based Toolkit For Software Visualisation
Diana Sidarkeviciute, Enn Tyugu, and Ago Kuusik

Set Differentiation: A Method for the Automatic Generation of Filtering Algorithms
Fawzia Derrough Darche

Software Synthesis for Trade-off Design
Akiyoshi Sato, Masato Miki, Toru Yamanouchi, and Masanobu Watanabe

10:30 Break

11:00 Panel: Under what circumstances is code generation ready for prime time?
Panel Chair: Kevin Benner, Andersen Consulting

Panelists: Ted Biggerstaff, Doug Smith, Tom Weigert, Ira Baxter

12:30 Closing Remarks: The Future of KBSE
Kevin Benner, Michael Lowry, Yves Ledru, Chris Welty

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