KBSE-95 Program

General Chair: Haward Reubenstein, GTE Labs
Program Chair: Dottie Setliff, University of Pittsburgh

Sunday, November 12

Sunday is reserved for tutorials. The following tutorials are confirmed:

9:00-12:00 A Survey of Knowledge-Based Software Engineering
(Half Day) W. Lewis Johnson, USC/ISI.

9:00-4:30 SPECWARE: Formal Support for Software Composition
(Full Day) Yellamraju V. Srinivas and Richard Jullig, Kestrel Inst.

1:30-4:30 Human-Centered Software Design and Software Design Environments
(Half Day) David Redmiles, UC Irvine.

Monday, November 13

8:30 Opening Remarks
Dottie Setliff, Univ. of Pittsburgh

9:00 Invited Talk
Howard Schrobe, ARPA

10:00 Break

10:30 Paper Session: Synthesis I
Session Chair: Kevin Benner, Andersen CSTaR

META-AMPHION: Synthesis of Efficient Domain-Specific Program Synthesis Systems
Michael R. Lowry and Jeffrey Van Baalen

Knowledge-Based Program Synthesis for a Geometric Constraint Satisfaction System
Sanjay Bhansali and Tim Hoar

CACHET: An Incremetal Attribution-based Program Transformation System for Deriving Incremental Programs
Yanhong A. Liu

12:00 Lunch

1:30 Paper Session: Formal Methods
Session Chair: Paul Clements, CMU SEI

Representing Object Models as Theories
Scott Deloach, Paul Bailor and Thomas Hartrum

Logical Frameworks as a Basis for Verification Tools: A Case Study
Ina Kraan and Peter Baumann

A Transformation System for Reformulation of Design Optimization Strategies
Thomas Ellman, John Keane and Mark Schwabacher

Searching for A Global Search Algorithm
Thomas Santen and Sabine Dick

3:30 Break

4:00 Special Session: Legal Issues in KBSE
Session Chair: Michael Lowry, NASA.

This session will consist of a brief presentation of legal issues relating to software patents and copyright, and their relation to KBSE, followed by audience questions and discussion.

Panelists: David Lowry, Bourque Law Offices, and Jim Sullivan, Devine Millimet & Branch

7:00 Banquet at Boston Science Museum

Tuesday, November 14

8:30 Panel: Empirical Evaluation of Software Technology
Panel Chair: Bill Sasso, Andersen CSTaR

What is empirical evaluation of software technology? Why go to the trouble of doing it? What other forms of evaluation could we use? How can we evaluate an empirical evaluation itself? This panel is intended to introduce Conference participants to the challenges and importance of empirical evaluation of software technology, to look critically at its advantages and disadvantages, and to address the question "Do its results justify the effort required?"

Panelists: Vic Basili (U of Maryland), Prasanta Bose (USC Information Sciences Institute), Lou Hoebel (USAF Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative), Gerald Williams (William Jewell College).

10:00 Break

10:30 Paper Session: Knowledge-Based Environments
Session Chair: Chris Welty, Vassar College

An Empirical Evaluation of KBSE Technology
William C. Sasso and Kevin M. Benner

An Interface between Different Software Development Environments
Greger Linden and A. Inkeri Verkamo

From Object-Oriented to Knowledge-based Programming (NUT System Development Experience)
E. Tyugu

12:00 Lunch

1:30 Paper Session: Process
Session Chair: Karen Huff, GTE Labs

Domain-Oriented Software Process Re-engineering with Software Synthesis Shell SOFTEX/S
Akiyoshi Sato, Minoru Tomobe, Toru Yamanouchi, Masanobu Watanabe and Masashi Hijikata

A Model for Decision Maintenance in the WinWin Collaboration Framework
Prasanta Bose

Application of a Decision Support Mechanism to the Business Rules Lifecycle
Daniela Rosca, Sol Greenspan, Chris Wild, Howard Reubenstein, Kurt Maly and Mark Feblowitz

3:00 Break

3:30 Paper Session: Reuse/Reengineering
Session Chair: Doug White, Rome Lab

Portability by Automatic Translation
Yishai A. Feldman and Doron A. Friedman

Classification and Retrieval of Reusable Components Using Semantic Features
John Penix, Phillip Baraona and Perry Alexander

Classifying Software Components Using Design Characteristics
Chris Clifton and Wen-Syan Li

5:00 Reception and Demos

Wednesday, November 15

8:30 Panel: Formal Methods in KBSE
Panel Chair: Richard Waldinger, SRI

9:30 Paper Session: Program Understanding
Session Chair: Adele Howe, Colorado State University

Towards an Epistemology for Software Representations
Christopher A. Welty

Interactive Explanation of Software Systems
W. Lewis Johnson and Ali Erdem

10:30 Break

11:00 Paper Session: Synthesis II
Session Chair: Mehdi Harandi, Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champlain

Automating Changes of Data Type in Functional Programs
Julian Richardson

Towards High-Level Deductive Program Synthesis based on Type Theory
Harald Ruess

Test Sequences as Plans: An Experiment in Using an AI planner to Generate System Tests
Adele E. Howe, Anneliese von Mayrhauser and Richard T. Mraz

Specification and Animation of a Bank Transfer
Yves Ledru

1:00 Lunch