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Call For Panel Session Proposals

Deadline for submission : August 21st, 2001

Panel Sessions have formed an important part of the ASE conference series, and this year we again invite proposals for them. Panels should be of interest to the ASE audience, related to the ASE themes, informative and engaging.

Panel proposals should be submitted by the individual who wishes to organize and moderate the panel. A proposal should indicate:

  • Name of the moderator, along with contact information (email, phone, address)
  • Title of the panel
  • Panel participants - the points of view they will represent, and, if known, the names of the individuals who have confirmed that they will be willing to attend and serve on the panel to present these points of view.
  • Brief description (999 words maximum) of the theme of the panel and the means by which it will be run. This should make clear the way in which the panel will be more than simply a series of mini-presentations - we especially seek imaginative approaches that will result in a memorable and worthwhile 90-minute long event for panelists and audience

Proposals will be considered by the program committee.
Please e-mail your (plain text only) proposals for panel sessions to:


to be received no later than August 21st.

We look forward to your interesting, relevant, informative and engaging ideas!

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